• Pilates Teacher Training:

    Studio 8 Pilates certification,The Lisa Schlaeger Method, is a comprehensive program that includes a collection of classical Pilates exercises and original Studio 8 exercises created by Lisa Schlaeger. The Studio 8 exercises have been cultivated from the core concepts Joseph Pilates created years ago.

    In this program, you will not only learn the details of the choreography, but how to teach them to your clients effectively so that they will understand the exercises and get the most out of them. The certification will also include education in necessary anatomy and injury prevention. The anatomy knowledge will be applied to the exercises to increase the efficiency of each exercise and protect the health of your clients.

    This program consists of approximately 48 exercises broken down into 5 modules. The first two classes will focus on anatomy and injury prevention. The next five modules will break down the exercises and choreography. The last three will include review, practice teaching, and final test out. There will be a review quiz at the start of every class.

    Mat Certification starts August 4th, 2013 and meets Sundays from 12:30pm-5:30pm at Studio J Pilates in Tustin.

    More info soon to come!
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